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The louvered roof systems is the innovative product that can transform any outdoor space into an indoor. Thanks to its aluminum louvres (blades) one can enjoy a nap in the shade at noon, his coffee under the afternoon sun or even his drink protected by the rain.

The louvres allow the air passage and provide a pleasant temperature in the sheltered areas during hot periods. When the weather is bad the louvres close so the area is shelttered from rain, wind and even cold. 

Residential patio pergolas come as a do it yourself kit with everything included and easy installation.

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The systems are ideal for commercial use also, for cafes, restaurants and hotels. It can increase the seating capacity transforming an outdoor space to have all the benefits of seating inside. It is water resistant, can be combined with folding doors so the whole area is closed and protected, it has integrated drainage system through the posts and can be fully motorized. Light fixtures, fans and air condition pipes can be adjusted. It can be stand alone or wall mounted.

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