Folding Doors

Folding glazed doors are an excellent choice for projects that require seamless partitioning, coverage of large exposed spaces or as separators in offices and shops. They provide protection from noise, wind and insulate thermally the selected area.

Parking Option : The storage of the individual moveable panes is done in the “parking” which is supported by a steelbeam. Folding doors move quietly with special rollers on the track rail driver.

Folding glass doors have a wide range of options, in terms of size, number and thickness of panes, ways of folding and parking, thermal insulation and colour of aluminium.

Bottom Rail and Collection Area Option: Folding door bottom rail profile group can be applied with or without threshold. In applications without threshold, the lower rail profile can be buried in the ground. This method provides the ideal solution to avoid getting stuck in the passages.

Top Rail and Collection Area: Folding door panels are moved over the top rail profile. There are strong carrier wheels carrying the door panels in the system.

Folding door panels can be collected on the right or left, using the preferred method. Door panels can be applied indoors or outdoors.

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