Glass Doors & Railings

Sliding doors can be used both for indoor openings and for connecting with the outdoor.
Our company can provide a large variety of glass doors for indoors and outdoors.


Sliding doors can be used both for indoor openings and for connecting with the outdoor. They are considered a single unit consistent of two pane sections, one moveable and one fixed. A wall sized glass pocket door has one on more panes moveable which slide into wall pockets, so it disappers for a “wide open” room experience.


Automatic sliding doors cover exterior solutions, using sophisticated technology that offers continuous operation, energy efficiency and reliability. Digital control, built in sensors, high security and silent operation are guaranteed thanks to an intelligent compact driver.


Glass interior doors provide an excellent design solution for spaces that need a modern, futuristic and elegant style and also allow plenty of light to pass through. Different types of frames can cover any need. Pivot doors are also available.


Split doors, flexible sliding doors, pivot doors or structural for large openings can cover every architectural demand for residential and commercial spaces, with elegant and contemporary aesthetics.


Our company can provide glass railings with no use of vertical supporting components. The patented clamping mounts that are used can withhold glassboard up to 20mm and up to 120cm in height. Easy installing, led tapes, any RAL colour of aluminium and handrails are some of the advantages of the glass railings


Our company can also provide a big range of aluminum railings, round, oval or rectangular shaped in many designs and colourings and also mixed railings with combination of glass and aluminium. 

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