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Any glazed roof manufacturer’s goal is to create roof of fine aesthetic appeal, while ensuring they will function safely, in terms of supporting the glazing weight


Fixed glazed roofs are a contemporary structural solution for residences and professional spaces. They are used and specified by architects, designers and constructors thoughout the world, in order to ensure natural lighting in a confined space and free the user’s view up from fixed, opaque obstructions.
Any glazed roof manufacturer’s goal is to create roof of fine aesthetic appeal, while ensuring they will function safely, in terms of supporting the glazing weight, along with other additional loads, such as snow or wind pressure, and at the same time remaining watertight even under hard rainfall.

The fixed glazed roof can be constructed in any size and geometry, from simple rectangular shapes to pyramidoids and polygons. The roof is constructed with high-grade aluminum crossbeams 185x100mm in dimensions, which can accomodate tempered glassboards, both single and double. The overall structures has been tested under very bad weather conditions, and exhibits excellent behaviour in terms of robustness and watertightness, so its design renders the alternative use of framed glazing and additional sealants obsolete. By using materials that will not wear off over time – aluminum and glass – and with a very smartly designed set of profiles, it maximizes the glassboard’s surface, offering an obstructed view.


The sliding version allows its panes to retract whenever weather conditions allow. A robust construction, which can, at the touch of a button, free up two thirds of the opening, while when closed it will stay watertight even under hard rainfall.

Made of primary-grade aluminum alloy and internally reinforced with heavy-duty iron beams, the sliding glazed roof will endure wind, water and snow loads, without jeopardizing safety and convenience, allowing the user to marvel the view above and make use of natural light. It also employs an internal water drainage system and, optionally, an external gutter profile. The construction can be anodized and painted in a variety of electrostatic coating colours, to fit any environment. Its glass is double tempered and laminated structural glass, to ensure maximum durability against heavy loads, and allows for the largest practical pane size, reducing the barrier between the interior and external environment.

It also comes in a Thermo version that does not differ significantly in terms of appearance from the simple version, but it entails transparent, yet very important for the space’s thermal insulation design changes in the profile. TheThermo Sliding Roof is overall capable to substantially increase the energy efficiency index of any space.

Electrical motors pull up the panes, revealing two thirds of the opening, with smooth, gentle movement, adding to the construction’s overall aesthetic appeal. Each pane can be individually retracted, offering the possibility to have only partial coverage. The motor can be connected to a controller and adjusted to operate automatically, based on scenarios and sensors (for example, opening twice a day for 5 minutes if the weather is good, to refresh the space’s air, or other scenarios for rain, wind etc.).
In this way, the roof is entirely embedded in any space, with its apperance being in harmony with the interior environment. Then at the touch of a button, the user is, in a very short while, brought out to the outdoors.

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