PVC Windows

 PVC windows and doors with their variety of typologies can cover any residential or commercial design project.

 PVC windows and doors with their variety of typologies can cover any residential or commercial design project.

PVC windows thanks to their enhanced stability can be opened and closed without a great deal of effort, even after many years of use. They provide effective burglary protection and above all high heat insulation. PVC profiles along with energy efficient double or triple window panes can meet any energy requirement for cold or hot climates.


With millions of units already installed, this system impresses with incredible, tried-and-tested stability and a wide range of designs.


Excellent insulation values and added safety make this system ideal for new buildings.


Aluplast sliding door systems guarantee rooms that are flooded with light. The systems are available with various construction depths and are compatible with aluplast’s range of accessories, meaning there is almost no limit to the range of connections available. These systems are available as both windows and balcony doors.



It doesn’t get any better: the 85 mm lift-and-slide door from aluplast impresses with its high energy efficiency and user-friendliness: even at its maximum size of 6.50 m x 2.80 m, the door can be opened and closed without effort and ensures a smooth and barrier-free transition to the outside. It has been tested under extreme conditions: whether it is driving rain, storms or any other extreme weather conditions: the aluplast lift-and-slide door keeps everything out.


The KÖMMERLING 76 double seal system offers all the benefits modern windows can give you. This double seal system with five chambers and 76 mm construction depth offers a fascinating combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions. Whether function, structural properties, insulation values, environmental protection, or preservation of value, it fulfills the requirements of both today, and above all tomorrow. The KÖMMERLING 76 double seal system is such an innovative design that it can take modern triple glazing or special functional glazing with panes up to 50 mm thick. Thanks to intelligent fastening technology, the professional installation is fast, clean, and effortless. So replacing old windows with new modern KÖMMERLING 76 double seal systems could not be easier.


This is the premium window for a new era: KÖMMERLING 88. Representative of future thermal insulation, design trendsetter, pioneer of quality and reliability. And a trailblazer of individuality thanks to its modularity and innovative upgrade technologies.

KÖMMERLING 88 is a high-insulation 7-chamber centre seal system with a modern construction depth of 88 mm. The standard system version returns an outstanding Uf value of 0.95 W/(m2K) and so fulfils the high energy saving requirements for passive houses. The special feature though: Unlike similar solutions, this value is achieved with the steel reinforcement for max element sizes and on colour profiles as well.

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